Highlight for Album: 2007 FZ1
Album: 2007 FZ1
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Highlight for Album: 2015 WRX
Album: 2015 WRX
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Highlight for Album: Speed6
Album: Speed6
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Highlight for Album: 92awd
Album: 92awd
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Highlight for Album: Untitled
Album: Untitled
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Highlight for Album: 2003 VW Jetta GLI - VR6, 6 speed, and tons of fun!
Album: 2003 VW Jetta GLI - VR6, 6 speed, and tons of fun!
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Highlight for Album: 99 Dodge Durango
Album: 99 Dodge Durango

Sold the talon on Saturday, 2 Sept 2006 at 330pm. Two horus later, we went out shopping for its replacement. Visited 10 or 11 dealerships in search of an SUV. At our last stop we came across this Durango. Very clean for a 99 and only 76k miles.
Changed: 10/07/2010
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Highlight for Album: Emily's 2005 Mazda3 five door
Album: Emily's 2005 Mazda3 five door

We bought Emily's Mazda3 5 door on 11/1/2004. I test drove it when we got to the dealership and the car still had the plastic on the seats/floor. It only had 10 miles on the clock. We got a good deal on it through Bobby at King's Mazda in Cinci. I'll update this album as we get more pics.
Changed: 12/12/2007
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Highlight for Album: 1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
Album: 1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

Galleries and photos of my car
Changed: 12/15/2011
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Highlight for Album: 2006 Yamaha FZ6
Album: 2006 Yamaha FZ6
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Highlight for Album: Monteros and Raiders
Album: Monteros and Raiders
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Highlight for Album: 1994 FZR600
Album: 1994 FZR600

1994 Yamaha FZR600 that i am putting back together. Its my first motorcycle. Replacing all the fairings and winshield etc.
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Highlight for Album: !! SOLD !! 92 Eagle Talon For Sale !! SOLD !!
Album: !! SOLD !! 92 Eagle Talon For Sale !! SOLD !!

SORRY!! - SOLD ON 4-9-04 This is my 1992 Eagle Talon. It has almost 89k on the clock. Mods: 2.5" turbo back exhaust, autometer phantom EGT, 0-30-0 Boost/vaccuum, A/Fuel gauges, Dejon Tool silver intake pipe, upper IC pipe, K&N filter, Apexi N1 muffler (not a knock off), boost controller, front and rear strut tower brace, NGK plugs and wires, etc. asking price is $2500 obo.
Changed: 09/21/2014
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Highlight for Album: 1991 Eagle Talon AWD
Album: 1991 Eagle Talon AWD

This is my first DSM. 1991 Eagle Talon AWD. Turbo + AWD = a whole lot of fun. Sold it to a St. Louis/KC DSMer.
Changed: 12/15/2011
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Highlight for Album: Misc. Albums
Album: Misc. Albums

This is the holding place for misc. albums that do not fit into the other topics. A holding place, if you will, for one offs.
Changed: 08/08/2014
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