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Highlight for Album: Baxter - First snow of 2005
Album: Baxter - First snow of 2005
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Highlight for Album: Christmas 2005
Album: Christmas 2005
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Highlight for Album: Alaska Cruise - May 2003
Album: Alaska Cruise - May 2003

We took a Clipper Cruise Lines seven day cruise from Juneau to Ketchikan, Alsaka on board the Yorktown Clipper. The ship carried only 128 passengers and was a completely unique experience. There were naturalists on board to describe the sites and what we would be seeing. The ship was small enough that it could go right up to the shoreline to allow us to see wildlife or to gather ice cold water from a glacial waterfall. It was a chilly, but beautiful experience that we would do again in a heartbeat.
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Highlight for Album: Taking down a 110 foot oak tree in the backyard
Album: Taking down a 110 foot oak tree in the backyard

On Sunday, 2 April 2006, O'Fallon experienced the first tornado since we came here in 1989. One of the side effects of that tornado (an F2) was very high winds along its path. Those winds blew over a 110 foot tall oak tree in our back yard. Fortunately for our neighbors, their 100 foot tall oak caught it. Had that second tree not been there, our tree would have landed on and crushed their just replaced roof. We contacted a tree removal service that night. They came on Monday to check it and give us an estimate. You don't want to know how much it cost but the tree removal company owner said it was the most dangerous one he had ever attempted to take down is his 12 years of doing that work. The crew arrived Tuesday morning at 8:00am and didn't leave until 8:00pm that night. While we are still smarting from the expense (USAA would not cover it unless it hit a structure!!), I can appreciate the dangerous part of the job much more after watching them work.
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Highlight for Album: Florence, Italy
Album: Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy in the Province of Tuscany. We visited here twice. Narni with friends in 1972 and both of us in 1973 while on a trip through Italy and France.
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Highlight for Album: Lucca, Italy
Album: Lucca, Italy

Lucca is a medieval walled town in the province of Tuscany in west-central Italy. We spent a week there in 1973 with friends - the McKinneys - who had been our neighbors at Patch Barracks, Germany. Hal and Guillietta built a home in Lucca and retired there in the late 1970's.
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Highlight for Album: Madrid - 1972
Album: Madrid - 1972

Narni took these photos during a train trip through France and Spain in 1972. We were living in Stuttgart, Germany. Lary had returned to the US for a three month school and Narni traveled with friends from Patch Barracks. This was Spain when Franco was still alive and in power - significantly different than when we were stationed in Madrid in 1987-1989.
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Highlight for Album: Mont St Michellle - Normandy, France
Album: Mont St Michellle - Normandy, France

A cathedral/castle/monastery on the North coast of France between Normandy and Brittany, surrounded by the North Sea at high tide. It is only reachable by land during low tide. The causeway connecting it to mainland France is completely covered by the North Sea at high tide. We visited this section of France in 1973 and camped not far from the cathedral.
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Highlight for Album: Narni's Visit to Seattle - May 2005
Album: Narni's Visit to Seattle - May 2005

Narni and Megan flew to Seattle to visit Sean in May 2005.
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Highlight for Album: Paris in the Rain Black and White
Album: Paris in the Rain Black and White

Black and white photos taken of Paris during various visits. Most during rain. All scanned from black and white negatives using a Minolta Dimage film scanner and Adobe Photoshop.
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Highlight for Album: Paris between 1970 and 1974
Album: Paris between 1970 and 1974

Narni and I took many trips to Paris during our two assignments and seven years in Germany. These photos are from nearly 500 that we took. More will be added as time permits.
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Highlight for Album: Sean and Paul's 30th Birthday
Album: Sean and Paul's 30th Birthday

We celebrated Sean and Paul's 30th birthday in Erlanger, KY on 2-3 Dec. Emily flew Sean in as a surprise since Paul had flown out to Seattle last year to surprise Sean. Paul and Emily were eating a "birthday dinner" at their favorite restaurant on the river in Covington when suddenly about 10 people came in (family and friends) to surprise Paul. The following night, there was a surprise party at Diana and Phil's house.
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